Tuesday, December 22, 2009



  • Ashlin, SSgt Johnny C.
    (~1980s per Mark Guest)

  • Campbell, TSgt Thomas
    (1978, click HERE for his memorial page)

  • Hale, SSgt Randy
    (~1980s per Mark Guest)

  • Herron, LtCol Cranford Edward
    (per Jay Johnson)
    (confirmed via Langley AFB FOIA Office)

  • Kawzinski, SMSgt (Ret.) Richard L. and his wife
    (~2006, auto accident, per Mark Guest)

  • Mangrum, MSgt (Ret.) Daryl Lee
    (2008 per Jim Steele)
    (confirmed via the Montgomery Advertiser's obituary search page)

  • Maynard, MSgt (Ret.) Haskell V.
    (2012 per George Ingols and Arleen Giesey)
    (confirmed via Prattville Memorial web site)

  • McBride, III, OSI Special Agent SSgt Chester
    (2015 per Tom Kovach)
    (confirmed via Maxwell AFB official site)

  • Sands, Mike
    (2014 per Tom Kovach and Phil Stallard)
    (confirmed via the Broadus-Raines Funeral Home Obituary

  • Sculthorpe, SrA Samantha
    (2008, auto accident, Maxwell-Gunter News)

  • Setzer, Robert "Bob"
    (Click HERE to see his obituary.)

  • Steelman, Frank
    (per Tom Kovach)

  • Todd, CMSgt (Ret.) Claude L.
    (2007, auto accident, per Ray Spigner)


  1. All,

    Please feel free to submit comments with corrections since some information (especially ranks) can be several years (even decades) old.

    Thanks ~ J.P.

  2. Tsgt Mangrum was a role model to me. He will be forever missed. I enjoyed the days we had when he was my supervisor. I was stationed with him from 1984-1986. We had lots of fun on my flight when he was in charge.

    Mark H. McCraw
    3800 SPS Veteran

  3. Long after Frank Steelman's death from brain cancer in 1993, I moved to Nashville (2001) and later to Mount Juliet, TN (2005), which was Frank's hometown. I had the privilege of meeting his parents and sharing some stories about Frank before they died.

    Frank had a son, who was in college in Texas and studying theater when I had that meeting in late 2011.